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This page has both Programs and Documents.  The document files require a document reader such as iSilo or TealDoc.


5MPC (The 5 Minute Pediatric Consult by Skyscape) - Designed for quick consultation on problems seen in infants, children, and adolescents. Covers more than 500 clinical topics.  This is an excellent reference while on the ward.  If you're not going into Peds or Family Medicine this may not be worth the price.  But if you are, this should be well worth it!  The link above is to download a trial.  You can also click here to buy it.  $64.95.
PediatricDrugs by Skyscape - This is an excellent drug reference that is geared only towards kids.  ePocrates and others have peds dosing too, but if you are going into this field, you may want more of the intricate details.  This program does a great job of providing them.  The link above is to download a trial.  You can also click here to buy it.  $49.95.
Shots! -A quick reference to the 2001 Harmonized Immunization Schedule. Details on each vaccine are available by clicking on the vaccine names and Info buttons. More details available on the Shots page. FREE!!

Stat Growth Charts - Calculate accurate growth percentiles and Z scores using the newly revised CDC Growth Charts including new BMI-for-age charts.  FREE!

KidNorms - This is an excellent program for your peds and family practice rotations.  It has a very simple interface allowing you to enter the patient's age and then look at normal vitals, cbc, growth percentiles, developmental milestones, EKG normals, and nutrition requirements.   $17.95

PedsVitals - Standardized pediatric vitals for use with TealInfo.  FREE!


Pediatrics by CCS Publishing  - (CCS makes these books a pocket manuals, but you can download the palm version free from their website).
Pediatric Interview and Physical Exam
DDx for common symptoms
Core Cases for the UW Peds clerkship
Ethics cases for the UW Peds clerkship
Common problems of newborns

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