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Med Calculators

Med Calculators
Internal Medicine
Emergency Medicine
Family Medicine
MedRules - A very useful program with a number of possible calculations.  It includes many rules from evidence-based medicine as well as useful items like Ranson's criteria and Bishop score calculations.  FREE!

MedCalc - An absolutely excellent medical calculator.  This does every calculation you could ever want to do and a whole lot more.  This includes a pregnancy calculator (which MedMath lacks).  It's not too big and it's definitely a great price!  FREE

MedMath - Another very good medical calculator.  It does not do as much as MedCalc, and it lacks a pregnancy wheel, but if you're short on memory space on your Palm, this may be the calculator for you!  FREE.

Pregnancy Wheel - If you like MedMath better than MedCalc, this solves the problem of not having a pregnancy wheel. This is a great one for your OB/Gyn or Family Medicine rotation, and it's FREE!
ConvertDA - This program is excellent!  It's basically like running the convert program, but it's a popup DA so you never have to leave whatever application you are in.  Convert inches/feet to cm, pounds to kilos, and all of that stuff! You can access it anytime with whatever stylus-stroke you assign.  FREE!
Convert - Ever wonder how many kilograms a 150lb patient weighs?  The Fahrenheit equivalent of 38.2 deg Celsius?  All these answers and many many more can be yours with this handy little program.  FREE!