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Internal Medicine

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Internal Medicine
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This page has both Programs and Documents.  The document files require a document reader such as iSilo or TealDoc.


ePocrates - Yes, the ever-popular drug reference.  This is a nice one (with a nice price).  Very complete, and it even includes mechanism of action!  A great Drug reference and you simply cannot beat the price for ePocrates: FREE!
QID - The new infectious disease reference program from the makers of ePocrates.  This is an excellent resource for deciding which antibiotic to use in your treatment plan.  And, just like ePocrates, it's FREE!
The 5 Minute Clinical Consult - OK med students.  This app does cost a few bucks, but let me tell you, this may be the single most useful app you can get for your Palm.  I use it many times each day on the wards.  This is basically the Palm version of the book.  In addition, it gives you an extra screen for each entry to add your own notes, journal references, etc.  It also allows you to add new entries to the database.  The link above will take you to the website to download the demo.  To buy it, click here  $64.95
ABG Pro - A great program to help you interpret ABG's, and the price is right!  (requires mathlib.prc).  FREE!


DDx List (common DDx's for common presentations)
Diabetes Insipidus
Diabetes Mellitus
Full H&P Outline (great for medicine)
Physical Exam Outline
Sample Ward Notes
Sample Floor Notes
Medicine (CCS makes these books a pocket manuals, but you can download the palm version free from their website).

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