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Family Medicine

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This page has both Programs and Documents.  The document files require a document reader such as iSilo or TealDoc.


Stat Cardiac Risk - Estimate the absolute risk of coronary heart disease using the latest Framingham Heart Study Prediction Scores.  FREE!

ATP III Cholesterol Guideline Tool - This interactive guideline tool will assist the clinician in implementing the ATP III Cholesterol Guidelines at the point of care.  This is the program developed by the panel, it is not a third-party program.  FREE!  You can read the entire ATP III Executive Summary by clicking here.
Pregnancy Wheel - This is a great one for your OB/Gyn or Family Medicine rotation.  It is basically a palm-based pregnancy wheel.  FREE!  See more medical calculators here.


Family Medicine and Outpatient Medicine by CCS Publishing (CCS makes these books a pocket manuals, but you can download the palm version free from their website).
Diabetes Insipidus 
Diabetes Mellitus 
Physical Exam Outline

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