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Emergency Medicine

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Emergency Medicine
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This page has both Programs and Documents.  The document files require a document reader such as iSilo or TealDoc.


5MEC (5 Minute Emergency Consult) by Skyscape - Covering over 600 clinical topics in alphabetical order, 5MEC is a quick guide  to turn to for immediate information that is accurate, pointed, and thoroughly complete.  This is another great program for your rotation.  Click the link above to download a trial version, or click here to buy.  $64.95
Glasgow Coma Scale - Commonly used standardized test, the Glasgow Coma Scale, evaluates brain injuries. It rates three categories of patient responses; Eye opening, best Motor response, and best Verbal response. Levels of responses indicate the degree of nervous system or brain impairment. Summed Glasgow Coma Scale Score = E+M+V (3-15).  This program is great, and FREE!!

ABG Pro - A great program to help you interpret ABG's, and the price is right!  (requires mathlib.prc).  FREE!


Emergency Medicine by CCS Publishing (CCS makes these books a pocket manuals, but you can download the palm version free from their website).

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