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Here are some of my favorite hacks for the Palm.  For all of them you will need X-Master or hackmaster!  For those that are DA's (desktop accessories) you will need a DA launcher such as Swipe (a free one).

Swipe! - This is a good, FREE, DA launcher program.  You can run this through Hackmaster, and use it to configure which stylus strokes will launch specific DA's.
ConvertDA - This program is excellent!  It's basically like running the convert program, but it's a popup DA so you never have to leave whatever application you are in.  Convert inches/feet to cm, pounds to kilos, and all of that stuff! You can access it anytime with whatever stylus-stroke you assign.  FREE!
Call Lookup DA - This is a FREE, very useful, DA which will allow you to lookup information on anybody in your address book from within any application on your palm without exiting the application you are in!

Switcheroo! - This is a Hack program that allows you to rapidly launch applications from any program, without using the Palm OS launcher application. A quick activation stroke, followed by the character you have assigned to a particular application, is all that is required to launch a new also allows you to activate applications using a Palm Portable Keyboard.  Switcheroo requires either HackMaster or EVPlugBase to be installed in order to run.

PhlegmHack - Terrible name...great hack.  This has two functions: the first allows you to configure a stylus-stroke which will allow you to change directly back to your previous application.  Excellent if you leave one app to check something out and want to get right back to where you were.  The second feature is not quite as useful but it keeps track of apps that you have used recently and will bring up a quick list of those for easy launching.  I have actually had to reset my Palm when trying to use this feature due to a memory error so I generally ignore this part of the hack.  FREE!

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