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Here are some general apps for the Palm.  They aren't necessarily medicine-related, but some (i.e. TealDoc and TealInfo) may be necessary to view some of the files in the other sections.  Overall, these are very handy programs to have on your Palm.

TealDoc - Absolutely necessary.  Many of the text files (especially large ones) that you will want to create and view on your Palm can be viewed with this program.  And so much of the useful information out there is in doc format.  It costs a bit, but it's the best one out there for the price.  It supports bookmarks and is very well done.  And if you're looking for a list of docs to view, try TealPoint!  $16.95
TealInfo - This allows you to view folios.  Many of the little reference lists you will find out there are in folio form.  I haven't personally found too many that I need so I have not yet registered this app.  But if you do use some folios, this is an excellent program!  And if you're looking for a list of folios to view, try TealPoint!  $16.95
TealScript - Ever wish that graffiti script worked the way YOU write, not the way Palm thinks you should write?  Well, with this little beauty you can reconfigure the graffiti language to whatever you want.  It costs a bit, but if you have trouble with standard graffiti and write a lot on the palm, this will be money very well spent!  $16.95
HackMaster - Many of the cool gadgets you can use on your Palm are actually system extensions or hacks.  Hackmaster is the industry standard for these hacks and is an absolute must for any Palm user.  It's shareware, and it's cheap!  You don't have to pay to try this one and it'll never bug you, but for how useful this is, these authors deserve a couple bucks!   $5.00
Alarming - ever notice that palm's don't just have a good old alarm clock?  Well here's a nice easy, and FREE one!
Doodle - This FREE program solves the most frustrating problem with the PalmOS...the inability to just write notes on the screen!

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